3B Engine Rebuild Kit - 1981-07/1988 (3 or 5 brg cam) - early or late to 07/1988

Article number: EKTO730 3B Engine Kit - early or late to 07/1988
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Toyota 3B Engine Rebuild Kit for 3 & 5 bearing cam engines up to 07/1988

Engine Kit prices may be subject to change without notice.

Please read the information contained below here carefully for important information.
• There are upgraded parts that can be added to your order - these are listed at the bottom of this listing.

Note: This kit can be made-up to suit either 3 or 5 bearing cam engines from 1981 model years to 07/1988 (Canadian market spec.).

This is a kit that can be "mixed and matched" with the different main bearings and cam bearings to suit either an early or later 3B with cylinder liners. 3B engines that lack cylinder liners are called "Parent Bore" and require a different kit, please enquire.

Please supply clear information about which bearing specifications you need included with the kit as far as undersizes or oversizes go. Typically this will be provided to you by your machinist after a tear down and inspection of your engine.

Please supply clear information about which cam bearings you require - either 3 bearings or 5 bearings - and their sizing.

Also, carefully read the list of additional suggested parts below the kit contents listing.

Kit Contents:

- Pistons w/pins - 1 set (4pcs)
- Piston Pin Bush set 32mm
- Piston rings, keystone type - full set for 4 pistons
- Semi-finished cylinder liners
- Main bearings - either early type with integral thrust bearings, or later type with separate thrust bearings
- Rod Bearings
- Cam Bearings - please specify if this is for a 3 bearing for 5 bearing engine
- Thrust Bearings (for later 5 cam bearing engines)
- Full engine gasket kit (composite HG, MLS HG is an upgrade option)
- Bore wipes
- Torque spec sheet
- Does NOT come with injector seals/washers - order separately

The bearings can come in sizes other than standard. The engine being rebuilt should be measured by a machine shop for parts sizing before the kit is ordered.

The head gaskets that come in the kits are composite, and work very well if the block and head surfaces are properly prepared and cleaned. They are not designed for turbo charged engines, but do handle turbos reasonably well. If you want run more than moderate levels of boost, you should upgrade to an MLS gasket.

MLS head gaskets (1115-58110) are available as an option (see suggested items, below), but the block and head surfaces need to be machined to the correct RA (Roughness Average) to allow these gaskets to seat properly. Speak with your machine shop, an RA of 20-30 is generally correct.

MLS exhaust manifold gaskets (17173-58010-MLS) are available as an option (see suggested items, below). These are recommended if you are using a turbo. Non-coated MLS exhaust gaskets can generally be re-used several times.

Composite Intake Manifold gasket (17171-56010) the standard gasket is treated paper, and thin - it's fine if you are running a stock rebuild. However, If you are going to be adding a turbo, you should upgrade to the improved Genuine Toyota composite intake gasket to get better sealing against boost leaks.

Head Bolt length should be carefully checked against the stack height of the head + compressed gasket + bolt seating depth in the block. Very old, pitted, or rusty head bolts should be replaced.

These items DO NOT come in the kit:
• Head Bolts
Pre-combustion chambers
Injector Seal Kit
• Rocker Shaft (check and measure first)
• Intake & Exhaust Rockers (inspect for wear at valve contact surface) - these are no longer in production. As for January 2022, RADD Cruisers is trying to secure production of new parts in the aftermarket.
• Lifters (inspect first)
• Intake & Exhaust Valves (inspect first)
• Valve Springs (inner & outer)
Frost Plug Set - RADD Cruisers will be offering a kit that suits both early and late model 3Bs and 13BTs soon (January 2022)
• Injection Pump O-ring (pump to timing housing)
Oil Pump kit
Oil Pressure Relief Valve
Oil Pressure Relief Valve Spring
Thermostat 82C or the standard temperature 88C unit
Water pump
• Cam Plug 51mm (early - for 3 bearing cam) or 58mm (for later 5 bearing cam) - these are included if you order the Frost Plug Kit
• Additional oil pick tube gaskets (the kit only comes with 1 gasket, 2 are required) 15193-56010


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