Shipping & Returns & other useful information...


Yes, we ship items to the USA & U.S. Armed Forces overseas

If the eCom site checkout is not providing you with a shipping option, please email a screenshot of your order along with your complete address and phone number to RADD Cruisers so that we can help you figure out why this is happening. I am also happy to manually process your order if you can't get the eCom site to work for you after you have tried to make it work.

The most common problem is a Canadian postal code that has not been entered correctly using the proper format (letter number letter  number letter number) - fully delete the postal code, refresh the screen, then enter it correctly with no spaces, no dashes between characters etc.


Please read our shipping policies & information: these apply to you and your order.

I might be able to lead a horse to water, but I am entirely unable make you read this.

Please read about our Payment policies HERE.

This document is actively being updated as of early 2023

• These policies constitute an agreement between yourself and RADD Cruisers regarding ordering and shipping of items.

Even if you choose not to read these policies, they still apply to your order and guide how ‘things’ will take place. Ignorance is bliss, until it isn't.

• I get to make up these policies (rules) and they are subject to change without notice.



• We accept orders from all over the World, and ship items worldwide including the United States of America (I get asked this a lot!).
The USA is currently still part of Planet Earth.
• And, Planet Earth is not (yet) flat. I hope. 

Some limitations may apply due to restrictions imposed on us by various carriers that are not within our control.

If we are unable to ship an item to your location for whatever reason, we will reverse or cancel the order and notify you.

Same day shipping & order arrival is an illusion, along with the illusion of "free shipping" that's been created by a large online seller that starts with an A. This is the real world, not fantasy land.


Order Preparation Time-frames

The typical weekday order cut off is 1:30pm Pacific Time.

When you place an order with RADD Cruisers, we try to ensure that your order is packed and then shipped as quickly as possible. In many cases, packages can be ready to ship in an time frame that ranges from minutes to a few hours.

However, in the real world terms, when I'm not sitting at my desk full-time (like during hunting season - September-November), I try to have most orders processed within 2-3 business days from the time they are received, however some take longer to process such as items that are allowed to be back-ordered are requested.

Special orders require additional processing time, and we will contact you to provide additional information.

Daily shipping cut-off time:

Canada Post shipments are picked up by the carrier at about 2:00pm. I need that 30 minutes to prepare any last minute orders that may have come in.

DHL Orders have different cut-off times, and the carrier typically picks-up on the next business day unless I receive and then process the order very early in the day.


Shipping Costs

Shipping charges are calculated automatically based on product weight and dimensions provided by our webstore to the Canada Post system through an integration module (API).

Automatically calculated shipping costs are not marked up by RADD Cruisers 4WD Ltd, and as such we actually lose money on shipping and handling due to labour costs, materials such as boxes, tape, bubble wrap, printer costs, and losses due to financial processing fees and so on.


Shipping Carrier Options

For Canadian addresses, we usually ship exclusively via Canada Post which generally offers the most competitive rates and most reliable shipping process.  

For the United States and other international orders, we use either Canada Post, DHL. At the current time – early business year 2023 - we will manually ship some orders using DHL Express - at our discretion - if we feel it will offer improved service over Canada Post.

Additional integrations will be coming in the future as we work on our eCom platform and with our shipping partners.

As a general rule, it is extremely time consuming and not at all practical for us to use carriers other than Canada Post  at the current time and because ‘things often do not go as planned’ – there are generally no same-day pick-ups in our region, pick-ups and deliveries can often be delayed due to weather events and road conditions, or delayed due to the trucking and flight schedules of the carrier.

Extreme heat in the summer means forest fires and smoke so thick you can’t see past your nose, ‘atmospheric river’ events can mean all of the major and minor highway are flooded or washed out, or there may be blizzard snow conditions in the winter - these kinds of events can extend normal delivery times.

If you require a specific shipping method for a very specific reason, please contact us at [email protected] prior to placing your order and we will try to accommodate your request.

Usually ‘accommodating your request’ will be limited to us setting the item(s) out at our door in appropriate packaging for your desired carrier to pick-up the item(s) for the shipping that you have arranged.


How quickly will my order arrive?
& Estimated Delivery Times listed on the eCom site at check-out

“speed costs money, how fast do you want to go?”

Link to Canada Post service standards pdf (this will download a .pdf document)
Delivery times to the USA starts at Part 5, which is found on page 18 of this document.

Link to Canada Post FAQ page

Canada Post Delivery Standards - a basic interpretation (from the pdf - you can read this too!)

The actual delivery standard takes some time to understand and unravel:

• Canada Post's delivery standards are based on business days between major urban centers in the USA or Canada with add-on days for various factors.

• Weekends and holidays are not business days.

• The delivery standard does not include the time your parcel may spend in customs and importation clearance centers.

• If you do not live in one of the 27 major urban centers in the USA, you need to add days to the standard based on tables provided in the above linked pdf (see pages 18-27). A similar situation applies in Canada and other countries.

• The delivery standard is also based on normal delivery conditions, meaning if there are challenges due to things like: weather events, epidemics, acts of God, labour disruptions, equipment failures, seasonal surges in volume, or some other carrier problem, then the delivery standards are "subject to change without notice".

• The majority of our shipments are international. There is absolutely no way we have any control over how long a parcel takes to arrive at the destination once it is in transit.

• There can still be lengthy delays due to COVID-19 in 2023, and commonly there are delays at Customs & Importation or International Sorting Centers, especially at USLAXA (the USPS sorting center in Los Angeles). RADD Cruisers is in no way responsible for any of these delays.

Note: The Canada Post On-time Delivery Guarantee does not apply to:
post office box addresses; food items; items mailed to U.S. Territories and possessions (American Samoa, Wake Island, Guam, Palau, Micronesia, Marinas Islands); United States Army Post Offices (APOs) or military installations (U.S. Military Zip codes 090-098, 962-966, 340).


We do not accept COD orders

We do not ship items that have not been paid for in full. That’s it. End of Story. Don’t even ask.


Shipping Options from Canada Post & what they mean


Surface mail options – low cost, but often painfully slow, & NO tracking

If you choose a service level such as “International Surface Mail” to faraway places can mean that your shipment may take upwards of 2 - 3 months.

Yes, that is a very, very slow, and pretty ridiculous given that this is the age of aeroplanes and space stations and Starlink internet, however ships and trains and people walking around carrying your parcels are still our earthly reality for low cost bulk shipping. I know turtles that could transport your package faster than using “surface mail” – don’t use this unless you have the patience of a saint.

Also, * there is no tracking with this level of service *, and so after a few weeks of waiting you will contact me and say “hey, my order was supposed to have shipped on such and such date… where is it?” and the reply will be something like “your order shipped on this date (which you could have looked up on your webstore account login), and sorry, there is no tracking with the service level you chose, and I am unable to help you or provide more information,” followed with something like “be patient you order is in transit and will eventually arrive”. [hint: please don’t be this person!].

Another note about NOT having tracking services selected at check-out:
Using shipping service level that does not have tracking also means that there is no insurance or coverage for a lost or stolen package. Although, to date (October 2023), Canada Post and its partners have not lost any lost exactly one package (in December 2022) over past 5-1/2 years, there have been several occurrences of really long delays.
• There have been several incidents where package contents have been damaged - it's usually alternators - and even though RADD Cruisers insures these at our own cost to prevent losses, it does not mean that Canada Post will accept the insurance claim against a postal carrier damaging the item.


US & International Small Packet Air - affordable, usually fairly quick, NO tracking

This is a reasonably quick, efficient service for packages that fit very specific weight and dimensions criteria.

* There is no tracking with this level of service! *

You will be provided with a postal receipt number that starts with a letter, such as UR#########CA. This is NOT a tracking number, merely confirmation that your item was shipped.

• And... because there is no tracking number, I am 100% entirely and completely unable to track your parcel.
• Canada Post is also unable to track your parcel.
• Your favourite deity will also unable to track your parcel, but if you think prayers might help then go for it.
• Santa Claus, his reindeer, along with all the elves, are unable to track your parcel.

Yet another repeated note about NOT having tracking services selected at check-out:
Using shipping service level that does not have tracking also means that there is no insurance or coverage for a lost or stolen package. Although, to date (February 2023), Canada Post and its partners have not lost any packages, there have been incidences of really long delays.


Regular Parcel and Expedited Parcel – the most common choices - includes tracking!

Regular parcel and Expedited parcel shipping are by far the most common choices at the most reasonable cost.

These are relatively quick service levels. Items should arrive, within reason, pretty much within the timeframe estimated by Canada Post. However, timeframes are not guaranteed by Canada Post.

In Canada, Regular parcel and Expedited are usually pretty close to the same cost. If you chose Regular parcel and is the same cost I will typically upgrade it to Expedited as it is supposed to be faster.


Xpresspost – faster service, somewhat more costly - includes tracking!

Xpresspost is the one of the two normal upper levels of service.

It costs more, it’s usually faster (but not always!), and has additional features in larger centers, in Canada at least, such as weekend delivery.

Having said that, I have seen parcels going by Expedited arriving sooner than those going by Xpresspost to addresses that were only a few blocks apart. The difference is that Xpresspost parcels are handled separately from Expedited and sometimes they are not as quick, but generally have a better track record for arriving according to the delivery timeframes (published by Canada Post).


Priority and Priority International – fastest, most costly - includes tracking!

01 January 2022 - I have temporarily switched these options off on the webstore due to poor on-time delivery performance, high costs, and customer complaints after selecting this service level.

Priority is usually your best option if you want things to go quickly.

It’s expensive for this service level.

It’s service ‘not always as advertised’ (eg: things may arrive considerably more slowly than what 'they' say or “promise”).

Canada Post Priority and Canada Post International Priority are usually handed off by Canada Post to FedEx. This can end up being a very expensive way to ship items, and often does not go as smoothly as one might hope (meaning there can be big delays) – delays do not mean you will get a refund from the carrier due to the shipment not making a delivery time-frame.

As a general rule of thumb, avoid Canada Post Priority shipping unless you have a very, very specific need for it, and do not expect it to be at all a perfect process.

It’s their game. Canada Post and FedEx make up new rules or make exceptions for almost anything they want as things go along. Kind of like how your older sibling would modify the rules to a game once you got good at it and started to win.

The “guaranteed” delivery dates are not really guaranteed. See the previous paragraph. Read the sections near the top about delivery standards and the linked pdf document.


Late or Delayed Parcel Shipments & Cost Recovery for late or delayed arrivals

Cost recovery claims must be initiated by the sender of the parcel (that's me/RADD Cruisers).

• Cost recovery claims for slower than guaranteed service levels can sometimes be time consuming to take on. Be prepared to wait for the results...

• Cost recovery claims are not generally productive: meaning your claim will probably be denied due to some strange technicality that no normal person could possibly think up.

• To date, my success rate at claiming back postage due to "late" deliveries by Canada post is: ZERO.

• RADD Cruisers does not refund shipping costs due to packages arriving later than the estimates provided on the eCom site through the carrier's API (application programing interface) as these are not in any way within our control. Any attempt at a refund for late delivery must go through the carrier and is paid by the carrier if the claim is successful.


Tracking Orders in Transit

--> Please look for tracking numbers by logging in to your RADD Cruisers account page or your PayPal account, and also check your emails, including the spam folder, before contacting us.

• Typically, when a tracking number is provided by the carrier, it will also be available on your account page, and if you pay by PayPal, it will be submitted there as well.

• Canada Post should automatically email tracking information and updates, but this does not always happen. You can sign up for more or less tracking information being sent to you by any given carrier using your tracking number.

Not all service levels offer tracking information. I am completely unable to look into my crystal ball and dream up tracking information if you didn’t request or select a service level that has tracking information included.  

Choosing a service level that does not include tracking also means that you cannot put in a claim for a lost, stolen, or damaged package (they are not tracked, and they are also not insured at all).

Your local mail carrier – for example United States Postal Service (USPS) – may offer more accurate and detailed tracking information than Canada Post once they have custody of your package. Insert your Canada Post tracking number into their website and see what happens.

Note: Canada Post tracking numbers are often displayed with spaces. Some postal carriers’ tracking systems, like Australia Post, do not parse tracking numbers with spaces. Solution: remove the spaces. re-enter the data, and see if it works.


Yes, we ship to US Armed Forces addresses!

Instructions for APO / FPO / DPO shipping addresses for members serving in the US Armed Forces

Occasionally we get orders from those who are working for the US Armed Forces overseas and are requesting items be sent to an APO/FPO/DPO address.

In most cases shipments can be managed through Canada Post as it has addressing options for handling APO/FPO/DPO mail which is then handed off to USPS once it arrives Stateside.

The addressing system in the eCom site does not permit entering in AA, AE or AP for the state, but it does permit the entering in APO, FPO or DPO for the City as text – The solution is to add the AA, AE, AP information here along with the City as text, then put in an appropriate state (and I will omit it when manually entering information to Canada Post).

If you forget to add the AA, AE, or AP I can usually figure it out based on the other information like the postal code.

If you are having trouble with this, then send along your ‘home’ or ‘forwarding’ shipping address as well as the APO/FPO address and I’ll see what I can get to work in the Canada Post addressing system – but do let me know which one is your preferred option and I will use that as your default address.

The following explanatory information has been borrowed from:

All military addresses are treated as domestic mail, even if the actual destination is a foreign country. This is because USPS® delivers the packages to the domestic military base, and the military then delivers the mail around the world. Note that this means it can take longer than normal for delivery.

When shipping to military addresses, make sure you include the unit and box numbers (if assigned). To prevent the packages from entering foreign mail networks, do not include city or country names in APO, FPO and DPO shipping addresses; those three-letter designators should be entered in the City field, and AA, AE, or AP should be entered in the State field.

The proper format to enter a military address is: 

Name - First and Last
Address Line 1 - Unit and Box numbers
Address Line 2 - Usually not needed, but if the address includes an FOB (Forward Operating Base) it can be put here
City - APO (Army Post Office)/FPO (Fleet Post Office)/DPO (Diplomatic Post Office)
State - AA (Armed Forces Americas)/AE (Armed Forces Europe)/AP (Armed Forces Pacific)
Zip Code
Country - United States



First Last Name
Unit 1 Box 1000
APO, AE 09898
United States


Item inventory and Back-orders, Compatibility and Accuracy of items ordered (and notes about "Special Order" items)

As the customer, you bear the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that all ordered parts will be compatible with your vehicle. There are online resources available for you to check your vehicle production date and relevant part numbers if you go looking for them.

If you own a grey-market import vehicle, such as a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market), the model year declared on the registration or insurance documents may not accurately reflect the actual model year of your vehicle. Please check this information carefully for items that are model year specific, or that have a production date split in the middle of a model year and require different parts due to a design change or update.

Read the product descriptions!

Most product descriptions on the RADD Cruisers eCom site have considerable additional information to help you determine if an item is correct for your application. Please read the product descriptions carefully for this additional information as it may be helpful to you in determining if something is correct for your application, or not.

The notes I add to product descriptions are from first-hand experience working on vehicles and they are written to assist you in 'doing it right' and avoiding common mistakes when it comes to working on your own vehicle.

I have been repairing vehicles since my childhood, and operated my own very busy multi-bay vehicle repair shop specializing in Toyota Land Cruisers, JDMs, and other 'normal' vehicles for many years. I have considerable repair experience, some pretty advanced diagnostic skills, and generally an excellent understanding of 24V electrical systems found in many Land Cruisers.

Important Note about JDMs & oddball vehicles

Some vehicles, most notably certain JDM models, have part numbers and part number look-ups that don’t always respect that a specific vehicle has a feature that was run for a short period of time or has a less common feature making the desired replacement part hard or impossible to find (early EFI diesel engine parts are an example of this).

Parts that are sourced by part number in either Genuine or Aftermarket parts should fit and operate well enough, but there have been a very few rare instances where sourcing parts by a specific factory part number has yielded a part that does not fit correctly or work properly for an application.

If these parts were “special ordered” based on part numbers from a manufacturer part number look-up, then you, the customer, is on the hook for the part that was ordered and not RADD Cruisers (ie: the part is not refundable and not returnable). Yes, I know this is unfortunate, but that’s how this works in this case – parts ordered from overseas cannot be easily returned, or the cost of returning a part may exceed the value of the item.

Notes about Special Order Items

It is usually easy to determine what is “special order” and what is not: if it is a regularly stocked item on our eCom site, then it’s likely that it’s not a “special order” item unless marked as such, if it is not on our eCom site then it is 100% a special order item.

All "special order items" must be fully prepaid before they will be ordered from the supplier. If you have not paid in advance, then you can be certain that the item has not been ordered in yet.

Corrections to your order

On occasion, I notice that orders have parts that I know won’t fit or go together, or that are missing parts or the quantity required to complete a task. If I detect such orders, I will try to send you a message about what I have noticed so that you can have the option of swapping in/out for the correct parts.

Read the Product Descriptions thoroughly for related parts & helpful tips!

On many of the product descriptions, if a particular item needs something else to go with it to work properly, it is noted in the description – hence it is a good idea to read the product descriptions provided.

Please contact us if you are uncertain: although we (I) get a huge amount of email, and I have a lot of difficulty getting to it all, I will try to answer questions related to submitted orders as quickly as I can.


Accuracy of filled orders

Currently (2021-2022) RADD Cruisers is still a one-person business, and as such about 95% of orders are filled personally by ‘me’ (the owner of RADD Cruisers).

Sometimes if I am away orders are filled by someone else but under my direction. They usually get it 100% correct.

Having said that, occasionally honest mistakes are made and the wrong part or the incorrect quantity will get shipped. If you send a short note saying that a mistake was made, a solution can usually be figured out in a reasonable time-frame. In 2021 this happened twice, and both times it was sorted out very quickly.


Quality of items sold on the RADD Cruisers online store

In the products that I offer for sale on this eCom site, I carefully hand-select products that I know will perform at a high level for the intended purpose.

Any form of failure of any item I offer for sale becomes a prohibitively expensive problem for me to 'solve' in both time and money. I personally hate it when something fails before its time, as I am sure you do too, and that's why I do not sell items that are of suspect quality in any way.

The products listed on my eCom site will usually state the Country or Origin (COO), the 'brand' of supplier branded products, and usually a designation of being Genuine, OEM, or aftermarket in some manner either directly or indirectly.

Most aftermarket parts are from highly reputable branded suppliers. These suppliers will usually direclty manufacture or select high quality products for re-sale, as well as engineer, test and otherwise stand behind the products they offer for sale to the industry.

Failure rate of new Genuine and Aftermarket parts

I get asked about the quality of parts sold on my eCom site from time to time, and how does the "aftermarket" part compare to a "Genuine" or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part and so on.

    • A side note: OEMs are the companies that manufacture parts for vehicle makers. An increasing number of OEMs are also wholesaling or retailing their parts apart from vehicle maker and their dealer networks.

This is best summed up using reported failure rates and what I would call pre-mature failures.

Having been in this industry for a few decades now, I have some very good information and data on the failure rates of high quality new parts: 

The failure rate of new parts is exceptionally low*

The known product failure rate for the calendar year 2020 to 2021 for items sold on this eCom site was ZERO. (and also zero for 2019-2020)

And, I will add that almost 100% of failures of new parts that do occur, be they Genuine or Aftermarket, can usually be attributed to some form of an installer or installation error and not a problem with the design or manufacture of the item.

Genuine, OEM, and Aftermarket parts

Yes, there can be quality differences between Genuine and Aftermarket parts in some cases, but not all.

In a slowly increasing number of applications, the aftermarket part may actually be better than the so-called Genuine item. The reason is that many aftermarket manufacturers, and in the OEM aftermarket supply, manufacturers are able to respond to design updates and improvements more quickly than the vehicle manufacturer (where there are often large warehouses of parts that need to get used up before re-engineered parts will be marketed).

A very few items have minor known 'issues', and this will be stated in the product description. I sell these products because aside from the minor 'issue' the products are otherwise excellent and well-proven in real world use. Case in point are the Aftermarket Land Cruiser 80 series birfields with DriveTech4x4 branding for ABS equipped vehicles where the re-used ABS rings often are a somewhat loose fit (the known issue).

Economy and "value-minded" parts

If I am selling an economy product, I will clearly state that in the product description. I will, from time-to-time, be selling off new old stock (NOS) items that represent old inventory or that didn't make the cut.

I will also be adding items to a "bargain basement". These are items I have brought in for quality checking, testing purposes, or other reasons like ordering or shipping mistakes and they will generally be sold on a cost-recovery basis with no warranty.

*failure rate caused by a manufacturer's defect in materials or workmanship. In the automotive industry the target is zero failures. Many manufacturers follow 6 Sigma practices which tolerates 3.4 failures per million, while others allow 16 per million (which is considered to be high). Either way, it's a low failure rate because failures are astronomically expensive to remedy.



We actively re-use and recycle shipping materials to keep costs as low as possible, and feel this dramatically reduces our waste stream. However, in many cases we must use new shipping materials to reduce shipping 'problems' when the labeling on the package does not match what is being shipped as required by some receiving postal services, or where might identify the items such that they may be intercepted by less discriminating folk.



Orders that are refused at time of delivery

Refused orders are considered to have been properly delivered.


• Cost of 'return to sender' is borne by you, the customer.

• Cost of return shipping from refused orders is always more expensive than the initial shipping costs.

• Cost of all duties and taxes charged on the return trip will be borne by you, the customer

• Transaction processing fees (PayPal fees, credit card fees and so on) are NEVER refunded.


But wait, it gets worse...

• Since refusing an your delivery is NOT a legitimate or acceptable way of returning your item and will be treated with great scorn, masses of passive aggressive behaviour, emails that I will refuse to read, and delays that will make you pull your hair out (basically, if you don't want to play along with the rules, or you're going to be a real asshole, expect to get treated like one!).

• If on the return trip your item is lost or damaged, the costs associated with this are at your expense – in addition to the return shipping cost (yes, someone has to pay for it) AND the re-stocking fees (see below) AND the duties and taxes payable at re-entry to Canada for international orders.

Delivered Items that cannot be located

If your tracking number says your item has been delivered, and it’s not where you expected it to be…

Make sure your wife (or partner, spouse, mistress, family member, dog, cat, pet alligator or other) has not ‘hidden’ it in a closet or the garage because guests were coming over for fancy dinner (or similar occasion) before sending me a string of messages telling me it has not arrived (this is mostly based on a true story, but not the part about the alligator).

Check with your neighbours or the people who live in your basement suite. 

Check your in-country postal service tracking system by inserting your Canada Post tracking number. Often this will provide additional details that looking your tracking number up on Canada Post does not provide.

It sometimes happens that Canada Post Tracking says a package has been delivered - you think it means to your residence or address - however the system means "to your post office" and it's "not out for delivery" just yet. This is an example where checking your home country's tracking system may provide more accurate information.

Parcel theft is a common problem in some areas. RADD Cruisers 4WD Ltd. is in no way responsible for lost or stolen packages. Once they leave our possession and are in the care, custody and control of the shipping agency, we have no control over and accept no liability for your package.


Lost or Damaged order -> Shipping Insurance

If an item is damaged or lost in transit please notify us immediately.

RADD Cruisers will need to file a damage / loss claim with the shipping company on your behalf.

In some cases if the damage claim is not filed within 48 hours of receiving the item the freight carrier may not accept a damage claim (I know, this is really dumb when it happens).


Claims for lost or damaged items:

Limitation of liability for RADD Cruisers 4WD Ltd.

Once packages are out of our custody, we no longer take any responsibility for them or how they get handled.

If you did not purchase additional insurance, there may be some insurance coverage that was included by the shipper at not cost or notification For Canada Post, this is limited to C$ 100.00.

Some items must have insurance before they are shipped. Currently this applies to alternators and items that are primarily made of glass or are otherwise really fragile. Insurance may already be included on these items (please read the product description).

Claims for lost and/or damaged items can take a very, very long time to process and can require substantial follow-up time, sending evidential documents and proof of value, proof of adequate packaging and padding of the items, and so on.

Claims, if they are even paid out at all, are often paid out at rates that may be determined by the declared value, the permitted maximum amount per shipment as determined by the shipping agency and their policy - which is often not enough to cover the cost of the shipment - or the amount that the items were insured to and in relation to their declared value and sometimes adjusted by some seemingly arbitrary factors.

Q: How much does one really need to think about insurance?

A: It's hard to say, losses through the post office are, so far, exceptionally uncommon.

Q: But what about the shipper breaking things?

A: Damage to certain kinds of items seems to be rather common - and why I made it my policy to include insurance on some items like alternators and glass (because for some reason shippers have incredible determination and special skills when it comes to wrecking alternators).



Please read and understand our return policies below prior to placing an order. 

In a nutshell:

• If I screwed up, I will try to sort things out in a friendly and expedient manner.
If you screwed up, I will try to be helpful and work with you to sort things out quickly.
• For some entirely bizarre reason, screw ups of any type seem to happen when I am least able to deal with them quickly... like when I've just left to go away for a few weeks on vacation (and usually in the late summer or early fall when I go up north to go hunting and there's no internet or super sketchy cell service).

Note: Playing by the rules, which are my rules, means I am probably going to be way nicer to you than if you try to play by your rules.

RADD Cruisers strives to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the items purchased.  

RADD Cruisers does not offer "free" returns - this has a lot to do with the cost of shipping and handling international orders and because these costs are way, way out of our control. 

Cost of return shipping is always borne by the customer.

  • All returns must be authorized in advance. Contact us at [email protected] and wait for a reply with return process instructions (it may be that I am out of town... and have no internet).
  • Returns are (usually) only permitted within 14 calendar days of delivery of the order.
  • Once you let us know about your return, you're all good - you don't have to send it back before the 14 days is up as we already have a record of your request.
  • We absolutely DO NOT accept returns of Special Order items.
  • Electrical items such as Alternators, lights, glow plugs, light bulbs, switches & related are not returnable/refundable as this is part of their condition of sale - and - because I (we?) cannot control how you might have screwed up the installation.
  • We do not accept returns of parts that have been installed or used in any way.
  • We do not accept returns of items that are not in their original condition, that have been damaged, or are missing parts.
  • All returned items must be in their original packaging and must include all installation guides, warranty cards, or other material originally included.
  • Returns  (refunds) will be processed as soon as possible after the returned items are received by us. Please allow up to 14 business days for this to take place (as we may be out of town, on vacation etc.).

Refunded amounts will generally look like this:

[original item cost] - [20% for restocking] - [transaction processing fees] - [and taxes or duties that cannot be reclaimed] = refunded amount


Order errors:  

Please be sure to check the contents of your order upon delivery to you.

Do not let items sit unchecked beyond our 14 calendar day return period cut-off times out.

Please note that after 14 calendar days of delivery, the item cannot be returned or exchanged.  

In the unlikely event that we ship you an incorrect or defective item, we will, at our discretion, either replace, repair, or refund the cost of the returned item at no additional cost to you as soon as possible, but within 14 calendar days of return delivery to our location (as we may be out of town or on vacation).  

Please note that defective new items in this industry represents an exceptionally small fraction of a percentage point of all items. Most often if there is a problem it is due to an installer error or the incorrect part being ordered.

Refunds will not be paid until the item has been received by RADD Cruisers and has been carefully checked for compliance with our return policies regarding packaging, installation and so on.


If you change your mind, or ordered the wrong part: 

You, our customer, is responsible for determining compatibility of parts with their specific vehicle -- if you are uncertain, please contact us prior to placing an order. 

• We do not accept returns of parts that have been installed, partly installed, or used in any way.
• You must request return authorization within 14 calendar days of delivery to the destination address.  
Cost of shipping is not refundable.
Payment processing fees, such as from PayPal or the Credit Card processor, are not refundable.
• Cost of return shipping and insurance is borne by the customer, and is not refundable.
• A 20% restocking fee will be deducted from the original purchase price of the item(s).
• Transaction processing costs are not refundable and will NOT be refunded. This is a PayPal policy, and it sucks, take it up with PayPal if you don't like it.
Refunds on returned items will processed as soon as possible, however please allow at least 14 business days for this take place (as we may be out of town or on vacation).

(original item cost - transaction processing fees) - (20% of original item cost) = refunded amount

Restocking fees are not intended to be punitive; they are in place to cover costs associated with returns and help offset the business losses associated with returns.

With recent changes to policies from PayPal (early 2020) the fees charged on the initial transaction (averages 4.35% on the gross transaction cost) are not refundable. In some cases there may be fees on the return transaction. Fees will be deducted from the returned amount and not refuned to the customer.


And, again, these are my rules - being nicer to me, and working with me on these kinds of things will go a long way to me being much more cooperative about your returned items and how they get handled.


Shipping fees are non-refundable

The customer is responsible for all shipping charges to return the item(s) to RADD Cruisers.  Please be sure to fully insure the item(s) in the amount of the purchase price prior to return shipping.

If an item is lost or damaged during return shipping, there will be no refund forthcoming.


Refused orders:  

If an order is refused at the time of delivery the customer will be responsible for all associated return shipping charges incurred by RADD Cruisers as well as a 20% restocking fee on the original cost of the item(s) purchased (as noted above), including taxes, duties and fees, necessary to get the items back to RADD Cruisers.

If an item is returned to us because it is undeliverable in for some reason or is sent back to us, we will work with you to re-send the item to the correct location. If there are any additional shipping costs you will be responsible for those costs.

Restocking Fees

(see above)

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