Valve Shims 2.35mm - 3.30mm - Toyota 2LTE, 3L, 1KZTE, 1HZ, 1HDT

Article number: 2.35mm 13753-17090 T-709
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Valve Shims for Toyota Diesel Engines

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These shims suit many different models of Toyota diesel engines, including: 1HZ, 1HDT, 1PZ, 2LT-II, 2LTE, 3L, 1KZT, 1KZTE & others

Instructions for adjusting valve clearance on 1PZ, 1HZ and 1HDT engine

Shims range in size from 2.35mm to 3.30mm in 0.05mm increments.

The Toyota part number as well as the Mark number are listed with the thickness in mm in the size selector, along with the available inventory for each thickness.

Pro Tip: It is standard practice with Toyota diesel engines that use shims to set the valves to allow the engine to cool for at least a full 24 hours without being run or restarted to obtain an accurate reading of the valve clearances and be able to set them properly.

Note: If you try to rush your valve clearance measurements on an engine that has not fully cooled and allowed the metal to normalize, you will get a bad valve set with clearances that end up being all over the place (ie: you are wasting your time and will have to redo the work).

Your gaps are way too big or way too tight: If your engine requires shims that are thinner or thicker than those offered in this selection, then it is likely there is a problem elsewhere that needs to be addressed. This could range from valve seats sinking into the head or coming out of the head, or from valve stem or lifter (valve shim bucket) wear, or from some other kind of problem such as the cam lobes wearing out.

• Trying to make a valve shim thinner by grinding or machining is not a solution to your problem. Find the actual source of the problem and address it.

• Stacking shims does not work. The recess in the lifter is not deep enough to permit this, and the shim will get kicked out of place.

When a head is being repaired or replaced, the machine shop may set the valves by re-using your old shims and trimming the length of the valve stems or altering the valve seating depth slightly to obtain proper clearance. Sometimes they will ask for new shims to standardize the valve train across the board for even valve seating depths and valve stem lengths.

A note about cheap heads: It is not uncommon for poorly made or inexpensive heads to have really serious metallurgy problems which shows up in valve clearances changing quickly over time and causing performance issues.

We have seen all kinds of problems from extreme premature valve seat wear, valve seats set into heads so poorly or the head casting be so bad that the compression losses from around the valve seat are causing serious engine performance issues up to the point of failure, and valve stems or lifters that are very soft and wear out quickly. There have also been problems with camshafts that are not hardened properly with the lobes wearing out after a few months.

Avoid using 'cheap' heads supplied from sketchy non-reputable sources as well as those that do not offer a warranty that can actually be backed up.

Thickness - Toyota pn - Mark number
2.35mm      13753-17090      T-709
2.40mm      13753-17040      T-704
2.45mm      13753-17100      T-710
2.50mm      13753-54010      T-01
2.55mm      13753-54420      T-42
2.60mm      13753-54060      T-06
2.65mm      13753-54430      T-43
2.70mm      13753-54110      T-11
2.75mm      13753-54440      T-44
2.80mm      13753-54160      T-16
2.85mm      13753-54450      T-45
2.90mm      13753-54210      T-21
2.95mm      13753-54460      T-46
3.00mm      13753-54260      T-26
3.05mm      13753-54470      T-47
3.10mm      13753-54310      T-31
3.15mm      13753-54480      T-48
3.20mm      13753-54360      T-36
3.25mm      13753-54490      T-49
3.30mm      13753-54410      T-41

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2022 02 08

1375317090 T709, 1375317040 T704, 1375317100 T710, 1375354010 T01, 1375354420 T42, 1375354060 T06, 1375354430 T43, 1375354110  T11, 1375354440 T44, 1375354160 T16, 1375354450 T45, 1375354210 T21, 1375354460 T46, 1375354260 T26, 1375354470 T47, 1375354310 T31, 1375354480 T48, 1375354360 T36, 1375354490 T49, 1375354410 41




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