Timing Component Kit (16 pcs) - Toyota 2LTII, 2LTE, 3L, 5L - 129 Tooth Belt

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16pc. Timing Belt Kit for the Toyota Hilux, Prado, Surf & other models that use the later version of the 2LT-II, 2LT-E, 3L, 5L series engines.

This product has been updated as of 2024 March to include 4 more parts to make this kit much more complete.
• This Kit saves you 10% over the individual pieces.

This product listing contains important information. Please read it carefully.

How to identify this series of engine: 08/1988 - 07/1997 The later L family of engines can be identified as they have the ‘bucket and shim’ system for adjusting the valves, and not rockers or roller rockers. The newer engines also have stamped steel valve covers, and the older engines had cast aluminum valve covers.

Additions & updates to this kit: This kit was developed by RADD Cruisers from our experience working on these engines in our workshop as well as information provided by our clients. Parts have been added to the kit in an attempt to eliminate component failures, even though these failures are fairly uncommon.

It is critical that all the hardware is torqued to the factory service specifications to prevent damage and possible failure.

1. The stepped guide pulley bolt, 90105-10235, is subject to fatigue and subsequently breaking off which can cause catastrophic failure of the timing belt and costly damage to the cylinder head. This bolt was added to the kit as we feel it should be replaced at the same time with the rest of the timing components.

2. Crankshaft pulley bolt, 90901-19028, has been added since there have been a number of occurrences of  reused bolts not holding proper torque. If the crank pulley bolt is not adequately torqued, or the crank pulley is not fully seated, the crank pulley will become loose thereby causing the front of the crankshaft to wear as well as the keyways which align the pulley to the crank to become destroyed. This can cause difficult to repair (expensive) damage to the crankshaft and pulleys.

3. The other two bolts that hold the tensioner pulley are also included (90105-08169, 90109-08171), as they are also subject to fatigue, especially when not torqued to the factory specification.

4. Many technicians like to remove the cam seal retainer when replacing the camshaft seal, as a result the proper factory gasket, 11384-54030, has also been included.

5. The timing tensioner pulley spring, 90506-18060, has been added as these spring are subject to fatigue and either losing tension or breaking off.

6. The water pump is now included in the kit. The water pump lifespan is only somewhat longer than the timing components, and the timing components need to be removed to access and replace the water pump. The accessory belt tension for the water pump is critical for a long lifespan. An overly tight belt is one of the most common causes of premature water pump failure (as is not running coolant, and a few other factors).

7. The valve cover gasket, along with the two seals that seal the plastic timing cover, that reduce dirt and dust entry into the timing belt area, are now included. These parts are important for doing a complete timing belt replacement.

The generally accepted replacement interval for the timing components is 5 years or 100,000 kms, whichever comes first.

Both of these intervals are about the belt material degrading with exposure to heat as well as emissions, and the bearings in the tensioner and guide pulleys wear out over time.

Other items to consider:
• Thermostat - a slightly lower temperature 82C thermostat (vs 88C) on the 2LTE has proven to be helpful in keeping the engine cooler: 16340-54040
• Radiator cap - the most common cap is listed here: 16401-71010
• Heater and radiator hoses - these are vehicle specific - if you can't find what you're after on this eCom site, then contact us with your VIN or Frame number.
• Alternator and accessory belts - the most common alternator/water pumps belts for the 2LTE are: 90916-02209/90916-02211
• Engine coolant - it is acceptable to use many different brands and types of coolant in these engines after the cooling system has been thoroughly flushed with clear low mineral content or distilled water. The default is to use Toyota Red concentrate (get this from your Toyota dealer) or one of the "universal coolants" and mix it 60:40 coolant:distilled water in cold climates, and 50:50 in warmer climates.

16 Piece Kit contents:

Items added with the 2024 revision:
1x Water pump 16100-59257 with paper gasket & studs
1x Timing Belt Cover Gasket - seals all the way around the plastic timing cover 11328-54021
1x Timing Belt Rear Cover Gasket - circular gasket seals around water pump - 11329-54021
1X Valve Cover Gasket 11213-05010

The previous 12 Pc. kit
1x 13568-54070 Timing belt 129Tx31mm (also listed as 13568-59066)
1x 13505-54020/21 Belt Tensioner pulley
1x 90506-18060 Timing Tensioner Spring
1x 13503-54030 Toothed guide pulley
1x 11384-54030 Gasket, Cam Seal Retainer
1x 90311-32001, 90311-32017, 90311-32019, 90311-30202  Cam seal (32x46x6)
1x 90311-42012, 90311-42026  Front Crankshaft Seal (42x60x7)
1x 90105-10235 Guide Pulley Bolt (stepped bolt)
1X 90105-08169 Timing Tensioner Bolt (black)
1X 90109-08171 Timing Tensioner Bolt (silver)
1X 90901-19028 Crankshaft Pulley Bolt
1x 13564-10010 Belt change reminder sticker

This kit has been locally developed by RADD Cruisers
Kit contains Genuine Toyota and high quality OEM/aftermarket parts.





2021 11 19
Revised 2024 03 17
timing belt component kit

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