Swivel Hub/Knuckle Kit - Land Cruiser 70 Series High Pinion 8" 08/1989 (1990 model year) to 07/1999

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Swivel Hub/Knuckle Kit - Land Cruiser 70 Series High Pinion 8" 08/1989 (1990 model year) to 07/1999

Please read the product description for more details about this kit.

Suits models such as: PZJ70, PZJ77, HZJ70, HZJ73, HZJ77, LJ70, LJ71, LJ78, KZJ78 & others

For Land Cruiser high pinion 8" front ends as found on 70 series models up to the 1999 model year.

Later model - 2000 model year and on - HD Land Cruiser 70 series use the DT-SH6 kit which is the same as the Land Cruiser 80 Series.

Kit Contents:

  • 4x Knuckle/Trunion Bearings (Koyo - Japan) 90366-17007
  • 2x Wheel Bearing Seals 90311-62001
  • 2x Inner Axle seals 90310-35010
  • 2x Hub Cover Gasket ("star gasket") 43531-60010
  • 2x Hub Body ("multi hole") Gasket 43422-60010
  • 2x “Star” Lock Washer 90215-42025
  • 2x Dust Seal (the large one for bearing hub to spindle) 90313-93011
  • 2x Gasket for Dust Seal to Backing Plate 43436-60011
  • 2x Gasket for Spindle to Steering Knuckle 43435-60011
  • 2x Felt Seal, Rubber Wiper Seal, Split Ring (goes behind rubber wiper) 43204-60040
  • 4x Felt/Seal semi-circular metal Retainer plates

Note: Wheel bearings are not included in Knuckle Kits. These items are listed below in the Related Products section.

To complete this job you're also going to require 4 tubs of Moly grease (see Related Products below).

The DT-SH5 Kit does not include gaskets or seals for use with Electric Locking Hubs (order separately - see part numbers with links below) as found on JDM 70 series >1990 (HZJ73, HZJ77, LJ78, KZJ78 etc). These parts are specific to these models - where they were supplied on Japanese Domestic Market vehicles - such as the LJ78, KZJ78, HZJ73, and HZJ77 among others.

If you are using Electric Locking Hubs, you need to order the following additional parts:

  • 2x Inner Locking Hub (body) Gaskets - 43422-60040
  • 2x Outer Locking Hub (cover) Gaskets - 43531-60030/31
  • 2x Outer Grease Seals for Locking Hub - 90311-62003
  • VIN may be required to order the correct parts for the outer seals and gaskets for the electric locking hubs.



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