Swivel Hub/Knuckle Kit - Land Cruiser 70 Series High Pinion 8" 08/1989 (1990 model year) to 07/1999

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Swivel Hub/Knuckle Kit - Land Cruiser 70 Series High Pinion 8" 08/1989 (1990 model year) to 07/1999

Please read the product description for more details about this kit.

Suits models such as: Heavy Duty PZJ70, PZJ77, HZJ70, HZJ73, HZJ77 and the light duty soil sprung Prado models LJ70, LJ71, LJ78, KZJ78 & others

For Land Cruiser high pinion 8" front ends as found on 70 series models up to the 1999 model year.

Later model - 2000 model year and on - HD Land Cruiser 70 series use the DT-SH6 or DT-SH7 kit - please read the kit product descriptions for more detailed information.

Kit Contents:

  • 4x Knuckle/Trunion Bearings (Koyo - Japan) 90366-17007
  • 2x Wheel Bearing Seals 90311-62001
  • 2x Inner Axle seals 90310-35010
  • 2x Hub Cover Gasket ("star gasket") 43531-60010
  • 2x Hub Body ("multi hole") Gasket 43422-60010
  • 2x “Star” Lock Washer 90215-42025
  • 2x Dust Seal (the large one for bearing hub to spindle) 90313-93011
  • 2x Gasket for Dust Seal to Backing Plate 43436-60011
  • 2x Gasket for Spindle to Steering Knuckle 43435-60011
  • 2x Felt Seal, Rubber Wiper Seal, Split Ring (goes behind rubber wiper) 43204-60040
  • 4x Felt/Seal semi-circular metal Retainer plates

Note: Wheel bearings are not included in Knuckle Kits. These items are listed below in the Related Products section.

To complete this job you're also going to require 4 tubs of Moly grease (see Related Products below).

The DT-SH5 Kit does not include gaskets or seals for use with Electric Locking Hubs (order separately - see part numbers with links below) as found on JDM 70 series >1990 (HZJ73, HZJ77, LJ78, KZJ78 etc). These parts are specific to these models - where they were supplied on Japanese Domestic Market vehicles - such as the LJ78, KZJ78, HZJ73, and HZJ77 among others.

• If you are using Electric Locking Hubs, you need to order the following additional parts:

  • 2x Inner Locking Hub (body) Gaskets - 43422-60040
  • 2x Outer Locking Hub (cover) Gaskets - 43531-60030/31
  • 2x Outer Grease Seals for Locking Hub - 90311-62003
  • VIN may be required to order the correct parts for the outer seals and gaskets for the electric locking hubs.

• Important note: The electric locking hubs have two small electrical contact brushes per hub. These must be retracted when you re-install the hub of you will break them off, rendering your hubs useless. Spare parts are not available from Toyota. There is a small sticker written in Japanese (if it's still there) that tells you to push the brushes back, and insert a paperclip into the tiny hole to hold the brushes back during installation. 

• Lateral Control Arm Bushings for Prado models:  If you have a Prado such as the LJ78 a KZJ78 or the short wheelbase variants, and have lateral play in your front end, you should consider replacing the lateral control arm bushings while you're working on the front end. These parts are listed here: lower bushings (2 required), upper bushing (1 required)

• Spare slip rings are available if you have a broken one (the brass can crack and prevent then from passing electrical current). Toyota part: 43532-60020

• T20 Torx screws to hold secure the slip ring (which also acts as the locking ring for the bearing adjusting nut). These screws are easy to damage when you try to remove them: 90149-50055 (will be available soon)




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