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Article number: Shipping Insurance for Canada Post

Add optional insurance to your International and Domestic Postal Service shipments

Read all the boring details and how-to below

Insurance will be added manually during the shipping and handling process when we get ready to send your order according to how much you want or need.

Canada Post automatically insures parcels for the declared value at time of shipping up to a C$100 maximum, at that point additional optional insurance may be added to your order.

Any value after C$101 costs C$2.25 per C$100 to insure. So, up to C$100 is included, and anything over that is extra.

After C$200 and above there is additional requirement of a C$1.75 signature fee to the C$2.25 per C$100 of added insurance.

How this works:

• You must be using a Canada Post service level that has package tracking. Basic service levels do not have tracking (such as Small Packet Air) and I am entirely unable to add insurance to your order.
• We will add the amount that you choose to insure your parcel for.
• You can only insure any one Canada Post shipment up to a maximum of C$1000 for orders being sent outside of Canada.
• For orders shipped within Canada, you can insure for up to C$5,000.

Q: how many "items" of insurance should I purchase?
A: If you read all the way down to the bottom there is handy dandy table for you.

Q: Why is the cost set at C$2.50 per $100?
A: The increments on this "add your own insurance" product is set at $2.50 per $100 of coverage to cover the cost of payment processing fees and to help offset the mandatory signature surcharge. It's way too complicated in the eCom platform to make a product card that can handle a more complex sale than this.

Q: Is shipping insurance taxable?
A: For shipments within Canada, yes, it is a taxable service. For areas outside of Canada, no tax is applied.

Q: How often are parcels lost or damaged when using Canada Post?
A: Not very often are parcels lost, in fact it is very rare. Damage, on the other hand, can happen for many reasons (see below). Insurance is hardly ever needed, but if you're worried about your super expensive order of fancy ARP studs or what-have-you, then it's a good option to have just in case.

Q: Can I buy lots and lots and lots of insurance in case my parcel is lost or damaged and then make a ton of money on my claim?
A: Nope, sorry, that's not how it works. Invoices must be submitted as evidence of shipment value, and the actual loss is what is paid out and not a penny more.

Q: Is the insurance claims process quick and easy?
A: The reality is that making claims to any shipper is a very time consuming pain in the rear... Evidence must be submitted by both the shipper (me) and the intended recipient (you), photos, invoices, and other evidence may be required as well. It's a whole lot of no fun, and sucks up time that I'd rather be spending fishing or chilling with my family. Payments for successful claims from shipping companies can take from days to months to get sorted out.

Q: If it's such a pain in the rear to actually make a claim in the event of a loss, then should I really bother?
A: That's entirely up to you to decide for yourself, and that's why the optional offer of adding insurance has been added to my eCom site.

An additional note...
• Remember that RADD Cruisers 4WD Ltd. is NOT responsible for shipments once they leave our doorstep - this is where insurance comes in handy.
• We require insurance on some items due to a past history of shipping damage, and in that situation it is included in the purchase price.
• At the current time Insurance is automatically included on alternators and glass and you do not need to add insurance to these items (only) when shipping by Canada Post.

How many insurance 'items' should I purchase?

1 = $2.50 --> up to $200 coverage
2 = $5.00 --> up to $300 coverage
3 = $7.50 --> up to $400 coverage
4 = $10.00 --> up to $500 coverage
5 = $12.50 --> up to $600 coverage
6 = $15.00 --> up to $700 coverage
7 = $17.50 --> up to $800 coverage
8 = $20.00 --> up to $900 coverage
9 = $22.50 --> up to $1000 coverage


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