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Toyota 2H Full Engine Gasket Set for Parent Bore (no cylinder liners) from 11/1984 - 12/1989

The product description contains important information.

"Parent bore" means the cylinders were bored directly into the block, as compared with engines that have cylinder liners (cylinder sleeves). From 11/1984-on the Toyota 2H engines were to the best of my knowledge all parent bore.

Piston Ring Failures: The 2H, and to some degree the 12H-T, have a known issue where the piston rings are prone to fracturing which in turn destroys the piston ring lands on the pistons. This can cause severe gouging of the cylinder bores which almost always means the block will need to be bored out for over-size pistons. If the bores are really bad, it is possible to install cylinder liners to repair the damage.

Signs and symptoms of piston ring breakdown are increased oil smoke (blue smoke), increased oil consumption, decreased compression on one or more cylinders, decreased power.

Injector maintenance and Timing: Proper injection timing during tune ups, and proper injector spray patterns should be maintained to reduce the incidence of piston ring fracture related to detonation/knocking. It is also important to keep the engine cool through good cooling system maintenance and also through monitoring exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs).

Injection Pump Diaphragm: Note that on 2H engines equipped with the EDIC system, which was found in Land Cruisers with a manual transmission, the injection pump diaphragm can also cause engine smoking if the diaphragm develops a perforation. The symptoms of a worn out/perforated diaphragm are: increased idle speed, decreased engine power and throttle response, blue smoke on deceleration, increased fuel consumption.

Checking the diaphragm is very easily done by removing one of the two clear hoses - with the engine shut off - from the 'throttle body' of the engine that runs to the injection pump and then applying vacuum (or if you're more daring - sucking on the end of the hose), if it will not hold vacuum and air flows freely through, it means the diaphragm is in need of replacement. 

Oil Changes: It is important with the 2H engine to keep up with regular oil changes as the engine tends to generate a fair amount of soot which leads to increased engine wear.

Oil Pressure Relief Valve: The 2H and 12H-T are prone to oil pressure spikes, typically during cold start-up, that can in some cases lead to oil filter failure (oil filter bursts). This is due to the original oil pressure relief valve wearing a small groove in the bore in the timing housing. An elongated oil pressure relief valve was developed to solve this problem, and should be installed in every 2H or 12H-T as mileage gets higher or during a rebuild. See part ORVTO300A

Aftermarket Kit - Teikin Gasket (Taiwan)

Toyota pn:

Kit Contents:
• Head Gasket (composite) 11115-68020, 11115-68040
• Valve Guide Seals 90913-02050 (12 pcs)
• Valve Cover gasket 11213-68010
• Valve Cover Grommets 90210-13001 (4 pcs)
• Timing Cover Gasket 11328-68010
• Front End Plate Gasket 11312-68010
• Oil Cooler Cover Gasket ("water inlet housing No. 1") 16325-68020
• Oil Cooler to housing Gaskets 90923-05013 (2 pcs)
• Oil Cooler to housing o-rings 90301-21176 (2 pcs)
• Oil Filter Housing Gasket (to oil cooler) 15691-68020
• Oil Pick-Up Tube/Strainer Gasket 15149-68010 (2 pcs)
• Rear Seal Retainer Gasket 11383-47010
• Front Crankshaft Seal/Timing Cover Seal 90311-50006
• Rear Main Crankshaft Seal 90311-95002
• Venturi Gasket ("throttle body") 26171-68010
• Intake Manifold Gaskets 17171-68011 (6 pcs)
• Exhaust manifold Gaskets - metal composite 17173-68010 (6 pcs)
• Exhaust Donut at manifold (for downpipe) 90917-06005
• Thermostat Gasket (water outlet) 16341-68010
• Water Neck Gasket (water outlet housing) 16343-68010
• Push Rod Cover Gaskets (impregnated paper) 11253-68010 (2 pcs)
• Oil Pan Gasket (impregnated paper) 12151-68010
• Oil drain plug washer (fiber/metal composite) 90430-18244

Does NOT come with the following recommended parts:
- Pre-combustion chambers 11106-68011 PCTO310
- Injector Seal Washer set IWKTO310
- Freeze/Welch plug set PKETO310
- Injection Pump O-Ring (pump to timing cover housing) (90301-77001) - currently this is listed as no longer available from Toyota
- O-ring, Injection Pump Toyota 2H & 12HT Engine (Injection pump retainer to timing case) 90301-99013
- Thermostat 90916-03103 (88C/190F) or 90916-03102 (82C/180)
- Front Crankshaft Pulley/Harmonic Balancer 13407-68020

Upgrade items you might be looking for (see related items below):
- Modified Oil pressure relief valve ORVTO300A

Cylinder Head bolts should be re-torqued once only after run-up and full cool-down is allowed for.

Aftermarket Gasket Kit - Tekin Gasket (ISO9001) - Taiwan






2023 08 17
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