1HZ Engine Rebuild Kit - (w/head bolts) - specify sizes before ordering - 1990 to 12/1997

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1HZ Engine Rebuild Kit. Late model 1HZ engines up to 12/1997

Engine Kit prices may be subject to change without notice.

This is a Special Order item - please contact us to order your kit after you have read and understood the below information.

These basic engine rebuild kits are typically supplied as a custom order request made up to suit the specific requirements of our client's request for parts.

Additional parts are recommended (see below) and are purchased separately from the basic engine kit.

The process begins with tearing down your engine and measuring each of the tolerances to determine what specific over and under sizes are required for items such as the engine bearings, pistons & rings, and any other parts. All parts that are at or very close to their specified wear limits should be replaced.

Once you have your list, contact us and we will either order a kit in for you, or if we have the parts in stock put a kit together for you.

Kit Contents:

Piston Set (6) late model 1HZ - Armour Grooved [Alfin inserts] (same as OE)
Piston Ring, Set (6)
STD Rod Bearing, set (6)
STD Main Bearings, set
STD Thrust Bearings, set
Piston Pin Bushings, semi-finished
Head Gasket (Gr. 3 or Gr. 5 available)
Engine Gasket Set (excluding head gasket)
STD Cam Bearings, set
Head Bolts, set
Liquid Gasket, 85gr tube
Fitment Pack (contains wipe down sheets, assembly lube and other helpful items)
1HZ Engine Assembly Specification Sheet

Engine Bearing Sizes:

Main, connecting rod, and other bearings are available in non-standard sizes. Typically the Main and Connecting Rod bearings are available in 0.25mm, 0.50mm, 0.75mm and 1.00mm but please enquire once you are beyond 0.50mm as it can be more challenging to get these sizes.

Cam bearings, cam thrust bearings, Main Bearing thrust bearings are available in non-standard sizes, please enquire.

Piston Sizes:

Pistons are typically available in 0.50mm and 1.00mm over sizes.
Rings are available to match.

Other parts to Consider:

Rod Bolts (strongly recommended)
Cylinder Head, with pre-combustion chambers, guides, studs (51kg)
Intake & Exhaust Valves
Valve Guides
Pre-Combustion Chambers
1HZ Injection Washer, set
Water Pump
Timing Belt
Timing Belt Tensioner Pulley
Timing Belt Hydraulic Tensioner
1HZ Clutch Kit
Freeze Plug Kit (available in Stainless Steel or Brass)
Crank Pulley Bolt
Accessory Belts
Vacuum Pump & PS Pump O-Rings (to seal to engine housings)


Engine Australia

Engine kit parts are from various countries of origin including Japan, Australia, Spain, Taiwan.
All parts are excellent quality and have been subjected to engineering and quality control testing. 


2022 03 14

I will be updating the below information as I have time (2021 Dec 04)

Notes about building a reliable or higher performance 1HZ:

If you are considering building a high boost turbo charged 1HZ, there are measures that can be taken to improve reliability with the increased power output, and many of these same considerations apply to a regular rebuild of any engine.

Measuring head bolt pocket depth and stack height

Upgrading to ARP head studs in place of standard head bolts (11mm vs 1/2" UNC)

Proper torque of the cylinder head bolts or studs (Ultra-Torque lube)

Block and cylinder head finishing specs (RA)

Shimming the block if "too much" has to come off the deck or head

Upgrading pistons and connecting rods

Cooling system demands - fan clutch and radiator

Servicing the injection pump and injectors


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