Glow Plug - 20.5V plug - Toyota Land Cruiser HJ60 2H & BJ42, BJ70 3B w/24V Manual Glow system 19850-68040

Article number: 19850-68040
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Glow Plug 20.5Volt for 24Volt HJ60s, BJ42s & 24v BJ70s with the Manual Glow system or for converting to manual glow (aka "Wilson Switch")

For use with 24V electrical systems with Manual Glow only.

Special Order Part - please contact us to order when not in stock.

Glow plugs should be replaced as set, and not individually.

If you want to replace the stock Super Glow system with a manual push-button, you should run these 20.5V glow plug instead of 14V plugs to prevent rapid burn out.

Note: Starting procedure is listed below for factory manual glow systems as found on BJ40, BJ42.

Toyota: 19850-68040

NGK - Japan

Helpful Tips to starting older BJ4x models: People have asked about the manual glow procedure for 1981 and earlier BJ40 and related vehicles (BJ40, 41, 42, 43, 44 etc.) that use the manual glow system.

Here is a reply I wrote recently (November 2022):

The “super glow” system appeared in 1982 models (after Aug 1981), and before that it was all manual glow. I don’t know of any market that had super glow prior to 1982 model years. 

The system in a 1981 or earlier BJ4x should be a “turn the key backwards” to glow, and there should be a small coil mounted in the dashboard that acts a glow indicator - which absolutely requires the correct glow plugs to work properly. 
There will also be a touch up “glow” push button on the dash that lets you add post-glow to re-warm the glow plugs if the initial glow was not enough - this will be needed in cold weather for sure. You can press the button in cycles of several seconds as needed to get a clean, low smoke start up. 
No throttle is needed during cranking as the pump is pulled into an over-injection mode. Use only the minimum throttle as needed to get it to run smoothly after starting. 
There is a hand throttle located on the lower dash that holds the accelerator pedal down slightly that can be used to keep the engine idle up slightly to keep it smooth until the engine has warmed up a little. Depress the throttle pedal, pull the hand throttle (sometimes labeled "throttle" or "choke") to engage a notch, and when done, twist a part turn to disengage. 
The procedure is not to use the dash button until after you have started the engine using the "turn the key backwards to glow” method. The 20.5V glow plugs are fairly hard to burn out from over-glowing when given 24V - so add glow as needed and don’t worry too much. 
The glow should take about 10-20 seconds to fully light the glow indicator (and the glow plugs) to a nice orange colour, then it’s time to crank the engine. It should start easily and with very little cranking unless it’s really cold out, and then it might take a few full rotations to start and run. If the start is really rough, you can stop the engine and re-glow, or add glow using the "glow" button - your choice depending on the situation.
If the engine is warm, there should be no need to re-glow it unless it’s low on compression - most 3Bs have really good, high compression [ >400 psi ] even into 400k or 500k Km and well beyond.
Strongly avoid the use ether to start these engines! Serious damage can occur if you are not acutely familiar with the process.


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